We offer personalized care for each horse in our facility. We believe that each horse is an individual, and should be treated as such. Your horse's nutritional, turnout, and fitness programs will be planned with you upon move-in, and modified as your horse's needs change. Our 36-acre facility includes: large grass pasture turnout; 1 sand arena; 1 dressage arena; beautiful, high ceiling barn with wash racks with hot and cold water, comfort stall mats in all stalls, fans, and climate-controlled tack room. Our on-site barn manager/owner has extensive experience managing the needs of performance horses, young and senior horses, and horses in need of rehabilitation. We invite you to visit our facility and speak personally with our manager. 

Full Board - $550.00

  • Airy and spacious 16’ aisle way
  • 12’ x 12’ stalls
  • Stable Comfort™ mattress system
  • Fans in stall



Pasture Board - $400.00
  • 24 hour turnout
  • Large, well-maintained grassy pastures that offer natural shade​​
  • Holding for Farrier of Vet: $10

  • Transportation: $50 within 30 miles of barn, $1.00 per mile after 30 miles

  • Mane Pulling: $20

  • Body Clipping: $175

  • Face/Ears Trimming: $15

All Boarders Receive Benefits of: 

  • Tailored feeding program for each horse using feed by ADM Animal Nutrition
  • Wash racks with hot and cold water
  • Grooming cross-ties
  • Large, air conditioned client tack room
  • Fly Predators used on entire facility
  • Premium feed, coastal hay, and Supplemental alfalfa is available if required
  • Horses fed twice a day
  • Staff available 24/7 and live on site